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Cooling System Treatment

Cooling Tower Concerns

The primary problems associated with open recirculation cooling systems are corrosion, mineral deposition, and biological fouling. CH2O’s POSCATM Cooling Tower Treatment is designed to reduce corrosion and increase the solubility of minerals. When used with a compatible microbiocide from CH2O’s BIO-GUARDTM Series, its a very effective treatment for your cooling tower.

All-natural water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These elements and airborne contaminants are present in varying quantities. When evaporation occurs in cooling systems, water impurities concentrate. Scaling occurs in the cooling tower system when impurities concentrate past the saturation point and precipitate. The precipitate deposits as scale on heat transfer surfaces, decreasing system efficiency and increasing operating costs. Ultimately, equipment failure may occur.

CH2O's POSCA™ Products

Our POSCATM products help curb the most common issues with cooling towers by: 
  • Incorporating threshold inhibition technology
  • Helping to reduce corrosion
  • Assisting in the removal of existing mineral deposits
  • Providing easy handling in drums, totes, or in bulk
  • And our staff assists in assessing your tower to help evaluate our product efficacy

Threshold Inhibition

POSCATM Cooling Tower Treatments increase the solubility of minerals when used at sub-stoichiometric levels. This type of treatment is commonly called threshold inhibition. Laboratory tests have shown that only 1 ppm of active POSCATM is capable of inhibiting the precipitation of 600 ppm of calcium carbonate for at least 7 days at room temperature and a pH of 8.5. The normal solubility of calcium carbonate in such a system is approximately 15 ppm. By inhibiting the precipitation of minerals you’ll reduce the ability of deposits to form and it helps to remove existing deposits too.

Cooling System Treatment

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CH2O products can help you optimize your system performance by “making water work for youTM“. Our programs, when maintained properly, help extend equipment life, improve efficiency, and lead to long-term cost savings.

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