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How CH2O can Help With Your Drinking Water

Have you stopped drinking your own tap water because you can’t stand the taste? Have funky-looking deposits begun to form on your faucets and showerheads, making your sink look like it’s part of a deep-sea experiment rather than a functional part of your house?

Your water company may tell you that your water is safe to drink because it meets basic Safe Drinking Water standards. However, the smell it emits and the residue it leaves may still make it unpalatable. 

If you’ve resorted to drinking bottled water, it’s time to rethink how you use your home water. Keep reading to learn more.

Sea Fresh™

Bad Taste in Your Water?

You don’t have to settle for bad tasting water. Your water, even if it’s within safe drinking water limits, could still have high levels of magnesium, iron, manganese, and calcium, or could smell bad. CH2O is an innovator in providing water treatment and filtration systems for use in agriculture, irrigation, horticulture, and potable water applications. With the right water treatment at home, you can “Make Water Work For You”TM


Sea Fresh

What's Wrong With Your Water?

The Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA, has clear standards that all drinking water must pass. Utility companies are subject to the EPA standards for clean water

Currently, the EPA has legal limits on more than 90 contaminants in your drinking water. These limits should give you confidence that what comes from your tap is safe for you to drink. Furthermore, utility companies are required to test the water regularly to make sure their water complies with the standards. 

So, your water is most likely safe to drink. 

The EPA standards mean water is free from dangerous chemicals like arsenic, chemical contaminants, lead, copper, radionuclides, and parasites. However, though your water may be safe to drink, it still may smell bad or have minerals that make it less than palatable.

Plus, even safe water can leave stains and damaging buildup on your fixtures and in your appliances. Here are a few ways you can know that you have minerals in your water. 

If you’ve noticed a gradually reduced flow of water in your faucets, you may have mineral deposits in the lines blocking a full flow of water. Magnesium, calcium, and other mineral deposits can clog your pipes and lead to weak flow. 

Hard water with minerals will leave deposits behind on the faucet and showerheads. You’ll have hard crystals that will form. You might also have a greenish limescale deposit or rust-colored stains in white sinks and toilet bowls. 

You’ll find stains on your tile and glass dishes as well. 

You should be able to drink your own water. In fact, the water should not have much of a taste at all. If your water has begun to taste like the smell of rotten eggs, you most likely Hydrogen Sulfide dissolved into your water.

Do your whites look dingy? Hard water can inactivate soap, and as a result, your washing machine cannot adequately clean your laundry. 

Does your skin feel itchy and dry? Hard water with heavy minerals can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.

In the same way hard water will inactivate soap in a washing machine, your shampoo can be adversely effected. As a result, you’ll have residue that makes your hair dull and unclean. 

Heavy mineral deposits can cause problems with household appliances as well. Your dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine are especially susceptible. The sediment can accumulate and clog valves and drains. 

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Sea Fresh™

How Sea Fresh Works

Sea Fresh is CH2O’s leading product for reducing bad-smelling and bad-tasting water. It is a single-drum component feed system for potable water. Sea Fresh is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use in drinking water.

Sea Fresh consists of unique oxidizing agents that reduce the odors hydrogen sulfide gas creates. It also controls minerals like iron and calcium to prevent deposits.

The system comes with simple installation, requires little maintenance, and uses basic metering equipment. You will see your water improve one drop at a time. 

Sea Fresh™

Drink Great Water Today

You can have great-tasting water from your own faucet. Additionally, you may be able to avoid the frustration of scrubbing away hard-water and rust stains, and dealing with crusty faucets. 

You can improve the quality of your drinking water by looking into Sea Fresh and other CH2O products. 

Contact a CH2O representative today to discuss your situation. CH2O has a wide variety of products and can tailor a solution to your specific problems.