Boiler Treatment

Improving Boiler Efficiency

POSCA boiler water treatment is a synergistic blend of chemicals which help achieve clean heat transfer surfaces

POSCA Boiler Treatment

Maximum Boiler Efficiency

POSCA products and equipment save money by reducing blow down that consumes water and energy. Maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces  allows the system to harness more energy to consistently deliver peak performance.

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POSCA Boiler Treatment

Reduce Heat Loss

Mineral deposits on boiler tubes rob you of efficiency. As little as 1/16th of an inch of boiler scale can cost you more than 12% in additional fuel consumption, and lead to tube failure from overheating.

POSCA Boiler Treatment

Hydronic Systems

The goal of CH2O’s HYDRO-TREATTM series products is to help protect hydronic systems. Dissolved oxygen and other constituents in water are known to attack construction metals. Also, biological activity is known to infect these systems and attack metal components. CH2O’s HYDRO-TREATTM series products provide corrosion inhibition, and CH2O’s BIO-GUARDTM series products are EPA registered to help control biological growth. Together they create a comprehensive program to treat hydronic system water. This program reduces maintenance costs.

Making Water Work For You™