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Making Water Work For You

Horticulture & Irrigation

We Grow With You

CH2O, Inc. is second to none with regard to improving our clients’ growth potential. We introduced the first E.P.A. registered chlorine dioxide product into the irrigation water treatment sector… SureFlowTM. E.P.A. registration compliments our patented methods and composition science. Increasing water and nutrient flow through irrigation networks to designed rates is a critical component to producing quality, thriving, agricultural crops and products. With the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) agricultural water is required to be safe and fit for its intended use. CH2O, Inc.’s technologies now help you conform to this standard by “Making Water Work For You.”

SureFlowTM products were designed for hydroponic, greenhouse, and field drip irrigation networks. Clients have commented that CH2O, Inc. “revolutionized their industry,” motivating our team to develop new innovations in product application. CH2O, Inc. configures equipment for sophisticated dosing control. This new generation of equipment efficiently delivers treatment into your irrigation water. Safety protocols may be incorporated that shut down equipment until alarms have been cleared.

AgriGuardTM was developed to meet our clients’ need for a simple oxidant-chelant solution. CH2O, Inc.’s commitment to continuous improvement originated this “one drum solution” for helping to maintain free-flowing water through irrigation networks.

Making Water Work For You


Maximizing sunlight
penetration through glass, sanitation, and cleanliness, are vital to greenhouse
and hothouse production. CH2O, Inc. has designed a complete line of cleaning
and sanitation products specifically for greenhouse and hothouse applications
to help optimize your growing potential.

– IVR-CLEAR STM removes mineral deposits, greenhouse soils, algae and
other ordinary buildup from greenhouse glass, irrigation emitters and

– Stop-ItTM is a blended fifth-generation quat-based disinfectant. Stop-It has
been laboratory tested to kill clavibacter and many other microorganisms.

– Oxy-GenTM is an oxygenated cleaner that aggressively removes stains and algae
from concrete floors.

CH2O, Inc. products, designed for greenhouse
maintenance, have been laboratory tested for quality and field tested for
results to ensure the best possible growing conditions. CH2O, Inc. strives to
create unequaled product viability to maintain your facilities clean, bright,
and hygienic.