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Do you want your car wash to be the best that it can be?

Industrial car washes provide high-quality services that help maintain a vehicle and keep it looking its best. It’s no wonder that the industrial car wash market is expected to grow into the future.

For your car wash to grow as expected, you’ll need it to perform at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The best industrial car wash chemicals will help you achieve this. Read what’s below to know which car wash chemicals you should be stocking.

The first thing you’re going to want is the Rainbow Foam. This is a thick foam that’s applied while the car goes through the tunnels. It makes it easier to get rid of dirt and grime that’s caked onto the vehicle.

It has a strong, cherry scent that customers are sure to appreciate. The solution is even cost-effective, needing only 1/8 of an ounce per gallon of water.

Another type of detergent you can rely on, Jet Clean is a great all-around cleaner. It’s much easier to handle in high-pressure cleaning and is safe for most painted surfaces.

Need a more economic cleaner? Safety Foam is a great and gentle alternative to help you remove dirt and soil.

Rust shield is another product you can offer to customers in your car wash. This helps protect the undercarriage of cars from the potential dangers of winter road salts. They also do a good job protecting cars against the de-icers used to make the roads safer to drive on. 

Offer this service to anyone looking to go on a road trip during the winter.

Bug-Off is a great solution to your bug and tar problems. It penetrates deep into the grime, allowing for easier clean-ups and rinsing.

Keep in mind that you mustn’t let the solution dry on the car, though. Give this bug tar remover a good rinse before you apply any drying agents at the end of the wash.

Cars love bugs and will always have bug guts somewhere on them. When caked under layers of dirt and grime, it will become harder to get rid of them during the wash. 

You’ll need Road-Kill to prep the car before the wash. This melts away any organic material on the surface of cars, making it one of the best bug removers on the market. 

Wheels are also bug sponges since bugs can splatter on them during road trips. These often mix with grime, making it hard to get rid of. Whitewall Cleaner is a strong solution that can get rid of grime and bug splatter, rust, and even brake dust on rims, much like a clay bar does.

Unlike clay bars, though, they’re easier to rinse off. These chemical wheel cleaners are also easy enough for anyone to use. It’s among the tire cleaners that also do a great job in providing a good tire shine.

Using this product is a great way to finish off a wash. Applying this before the final step makes rinsing easier and gives the car a good shine with the help of a microfiber cloth.

It even does well in protecting the car’s exterior surface. For a more economic alternative, check out the Carnauba Hot Wax surface protectant. 

Clean Finish™ Products

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The right car washing chemicals are sure to help your car wash become reliable for you and your customers. Replenish your car wash chemical supply with the right ones today!

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