25 March, 2020

To our valued customers and employees:

We’re a week into the “new normal” and we wanted to thank all of you for adapting to the challenges of staying safe while operating our business.

With additional restrictions being placed on travel and social interaction throughout the country, and a state-wide “stay at home” order going into effect for Washington State this evening, I wanted to provide an operational update. As a chemical supplier to the agricultural, food processing, and water and wastewater sectors of the economy, our products and services are identified as part of the critical infrastructure during the COVID-19 response. Accordingly, we are maintaining full production and shipping capabilities, and are providing field services conforming to the protocols and limitations established by each region and specific customer location. In short, we’re open and we’re here to serve our clients.

Our experiences in cleaning and sanitizing food processing facilities, hard surface sanitization techniques, and controlling water-borne pathogens, such as legionella and e-coli, are useful in assisting in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Certain products, such as hand-sanitizers, are in short supply, but we have ample inventory of cleaning and sanitizing products, such as STOP-IT. Additionally, we are fully stocked on water treatment chemicals and equipment. We’re here and we’re ready to supply you with the products and services you need to maintain your operations during these challenging times. Please call on us to help.

Above all, stay safe.



Tony McNamara

As President, CH2O, Inc.