CH2O, Inc. offers return of properly prepared empty drums and totes at no charge to our customers in WA, OR, ID & CA. In order to receive free return of empty containers, we ask for your assistance in following the instructions listed below. If you have any questions about the return program, please contact your CH2O, Inc. field representative.

  • Empty the container of all residue.
  • Rinse container and completely drain all liquid. (NOTE: The carrier cannot transport a container that is not completely empty; containers that are not empty will be refused pickup.)
  • Insure all bungs/caps are securely attached on the empty container.
  • Leave the product label on the empty container.
  • Remove any DOT hazard labels from the empty container, if applicable.
  • Place the empty, prepared containers in a location where the carrier can readily identify them.
  • Complete the information required on top of the special “Dead Head” Bill of Lading"; it is important to include all information!
  • Use the Product Cross Reference Sheet and determine the DOT # that corresponds to the product name/number of each empty container being returned.
  • Locate each DOT # on the Bill of Lading, and document the quantity and total weight being returned.
  • The empty containers being returned must be inspected by a representative of your company, who must sign the completed Bill of Lading to certify the drums have been properly prepared.
  • Maintain the completed Bill of Lading form with the empty containers so it will be available for the carrier. The carrier cannot pick up any empty containers without the properly completed Bill of Lading.
  • When placing your next order for chemical, indicate that you have properly prepared empty drums/totes to be returned. If the empty containers are in a special location, or if there are specific pick-up instructions, they must be voiced at this point.

If you are interested in returning empty containers outside your usual order schedule an additional fee may apply. Please contact your Account Manager for further information about this service and the associated charges. (NOTE: Empty container return fees typically range between $75-$100.)

Product Cross Reference Sheet
Bill of Lading - Dead Head

CH2O Drum Return & Recycling