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Developing an understanding of past, present, and future problems that may be encountered is the first step to implementing your Water Management Program. Defining points at issue in concise and accurate terms demonstrates which protective measures are required. CH2O, Inc.'s Water Management Programs generate monies by increasing efficiencies. Boilers, cooling towers and hydronic systems benefit from planning to prevent energy loss, equipment damage, excessive water consumption and discharge. CH2O, Inc.'s motto: "Safety-Environmental-Energy Efficiency" is the cornerstone of our water management technologies.

Source water contains impurities that cause monetary loss. In some cases conditioning equipment is required to make source water fit for it's intended use. Water analysis is preformed on raw, make-up, and system equipment. A thorough understanding of client systems must be established by careful detailed study. From this information the applicable treatment protocol is selected.

The customer is advised of the protocols and testing required to maintain the Water Management Program. CH2O, Inc. provides progressive support to accommodate changing conditions and "Make Water Work For You." ®