Maximizing sunlight penetration through glass, sanitation, and cleanliness, are vital to greenhouse and hothouse production. CH2O, Inc. has designed a complete line of cleaning and sanitation products specifically for greenhouse and hothouse applications. IVR-CLEAR S clearly removes mineral deposits, greenhouse soils, algae and other ordinary buildup from greenhouse glass, irrigation emitters and components . Stop-It is a blended fifth-generation quat-based disinfectant. Stop-It has been laboratory tested to kill clavibacter and many other microorganisms. Perox-Cide is a Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide E.P.A. registered to target Pythium, Phytophthora, Rizoctonia, Fusarium and more, see label for application. Oxy-Gen is an oxygenated cleaner that aggressively removes stains and algae from concrete floors. These products and other CH2O, Inc. products designed for greenhouse maintenance have been laboratory tested for quality and field tested for results to ensure the best possible growing conditions. CH2O, Inc. strives to create unequaled product viability to maintain your facilities clean, bright, and hygienic.