Health Risk: Algae creates a slippery work environment in greenhouses. Slip and fall injuries can be minimized by controlling algae growth on walkways. Holding ponds and reclaim ponds used for irrigation water are a common source of algae in greenhouses. Treating irrigation water at the source is an important step in reducing algae. Clear-Blue is a cost-effective treatment for suppressing algae growth. At a dose rate of one gallon per million gallons, this shading solution helps inhibit ultraviolet light penetration in ponds helping decrease algae growth. TerraTec is a copper based product that is E.P.A registered to kill algae. Clear-Blue in combination with periodic TerraTec treatments have proven effective for breaking down algae mats and helping to inhibit planktonic algae in retention ponds. Diminished algae in your irrigation water assists in producing less bio-loading in your greenhouse.

Health Risk: Inhaling atomized water poses potentially adverse health consequences and should be avoided. Legionella bacteria infections are on the rise worldwide. Once water is contaminated, it could be released into the air by overhead micro-misting/sprinkler emitters. Cooling pads can also harbor this bacteria, and release it to the greenhouse environment. CH2O, Inc. has partnered with HC info to help your facilities develop a written water management plan for compliance with ASHRAE 188.