Cross Contamination spreads disease. Pathogens are often unknowingly spread by greenhouse facilities' personnel and equipment movement from greenhouse to greenhouse. Contaminated delivery trucks and vehicles carry disease spores and bacteria onsite. Cutting tools for pruning, taking cuttings, or harvesting, become inoculated and spread disease to other plants. Processing and handling equipment may spread disease. Large water storage tanks develop significant layers of silt harboring anaerobic bacteria and pathogens that infect stored water. Greenhouse clothing such as smocks, are another source of pathogen contamination.

Bio-CleanTM: Soils, algae, and debris on floors, walls, and glass contribute to pathogen loading and negatively impact disinfectant performance. Oxy-Gen (43% active potassium peroxymonosulfate) removes algae, greenhouse soils and debris from floors and benches. IVR-CLEAR-S cleans glass and helps prevent organic and mineral accumulations that may spread disease to plants. Wal-Clean is a high foaming chlorinated cleaner designed for tray washers and processing equipment. Ever-Kleen 9241, a low foaming detergent for floor scrubbers, cleaning forklifts, equipment and general cleaning. Maintenance of filters and periodic tank cleaning also reduce the biological loading in greenhouses. Pre-cleaning and irrigation water related equipment maintenance are necessary for sanitizers to achieve maximum efficacy and maintain a Bio-CleanTM environment.

Bio-CleanTM: Install sanitizing foot baths at all greenhouse personnel access locations. Apply disinfecting door foamers for equipment entrances. Implement vehicle decontamination washes and sumps. Disinfect cutting tools. ALL help produce a Bio-CleanTm environment. Stop-IT is a blended fifth generation quat-based disinfectant with a longer half life and better efficacy than competitive products. Stop-IT is registered for use in foots baths, vehicle decontamination, disinfecting cutting tools, door foamers and much more.

Bio-CleanTM: Water is a necessary element for greenhouse production and requires disinfection. Especially where reclaim water is used. SureFlowTM products help maintain irrigation water in a Bio-Clean environment.

Producing written procedures and protocols for cleaning and sanitizing is an important step for improving product quality and production. CH2O, Inc. has personnel available to assist you in developing a plan for minimizing pathogen outbreaks and related damage.