In 1860, German researchers began development of drip irrigation. This innovation yielded modern drip irrigation networks, which could be considered one of most beneficial agricultural developments.  Sub-surface drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler drip irrigation, and above-ground emitter drip irrigation, produce many enhancements for agriculture. Reduced fertilizer and water consumption, greater product yield and quality, uniform water distribution, suppression of weed growth, diminished soil erosion and run-off are some of the many benefits realized by modern agriculture today using drip irrigation.

Present-day drip irrigation is gaining popularity, but with some reluctance. Why?  Intermittent irrigation, as well as pressure and flow reductions through drip emitters having small size passageways allow plugging and restrictions at the drip emitters, which negate the benefits of drip irrigation networks.

CH2O, Inc. developed products to aid in stabilizing the flow of water and nutrients within individual drip irrigation networks.  Water source and quality, type of drip system, filtration, and other variables are considered before prescribing a product that Makes Water Work For You.