Our range of Freeze Fresh Products has been specially developed to control dangerous pathogens and extend the shelf-life of our client's seafood products.  With many years working with the seafood industry, we have the knowledge and solutions to hep prevent major issues like cross-contamination  By applying Freeze Fresh to tanks, holds, recirculating seawater and ice, it's possible to keep your seafood products fresh longer.

CH2O, Inc. has worked hard to find the answers for our clients.  Below you can see the studies by Ed Kuzinski, PhD, who partnered with CH2O, Inc. and the State of Alaska to compile the research supporting ASC (Freeze Fresh).  This documentation illustrates CH2O solutions help yield longer stays at sea, accelerates turnaround times, and extends the shelf life of fish products. 

The Use of Chlorine Dioxide and Acidified Sodium Chlorite